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Facing ICT Challenges

Мобилност во Газиантеп Р.Турција

It took me a while to put my feelings into words because in the past week I felt overwhelmed by emotions and joy. I have attended many mobilities, I have visited different places and I have been hosted by wonderful people and dear friends in the past.However, experiencing Gaziantep was something much more different. My dear Hilmi Bekleviç it is all your “fault” – my first Gaziantep dear friend and partner who opened the door to many new experiences and new friendships, like my lovely Berrin Bacaksız .It is not the city alone – it is the mix of old and new, mix of flavors, mouth-watering smell of food, busy markets and old bazaars with a vast number of spice shops and craftsmen shops, narrow and cobblestone streets so pleasant to wander through, inevitable music, busy traffic and unique driving rules, and many more things, especially Antep people… A rich diversity of people; all modest, pleasant, and kind, with smiling friendly faces, selflessly giving a piece of their hearts. Language was not a barrier we understood each other perfectly.Meeting old friends and making new friends was so easy and simply normal. I’ve never felt so much cared for and basically at home.This mobility broadened our horizons by using all our senses helping us make memorable moments that we can carry with us throughout our lives.Thank you my dear Hilmi Bekleviç and Berrin Bacaksız – you are the perfect friends and hosts, one can only wish for, and we are lucky to have you❤❤❤

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